The National Centers – Our VisionCareer and technical education programs are an integral part of public education and are designed to educate about, through, and for careers. The National Research and Dissemination Centers for Career and Technical Education, as primary sources of research-based information, will significantly affect the quality of knowledge and understanding necessary to advance career and technical education in the United States.

The Consortium partners are committed to providing innovative approaches to improving the practice of career and technical education at local, state, and national levels leading to improved student achievement. To this end, the Centers will develop intensive and ongoing relationships with practitioners and policymakers in career and technical education.

Collectively, the Consortium members have agreed to the following:
To use practitioner-driven approaches in the planning, development, conduct, and evaluation of all research, dissemination, and professional development activitiesTo develop a program that is national in scope, reflecting the strengths and needs of diverse national, state, and local practitioners across a range of geographic, socioeconomic, and cultural settingsTo present a balanced research, dissemination, and professional development program for secondary and postsecondary practitioners and institutionsMore About Us: The National Centers – Summary of Projects/Activities