High-Quality Career Technical / Workforce Education (CTWE) Teachers:

This on-line interactive resource is designed to facilitate usage of information regarding examples of teacher quality prototypes / models / criteria / frameworks that state and local education agencies and organizations are using to define, recruit, develop, and retain high-quality CTWE teachers. The on-line resource will assist secondary and postsecondary instructors and administrators; state-level governing boards and staff; faculty and administrators in community colleges and universities, and others interested in high-quality CTWE teachers.

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Initiatives: action programs/projects that are used to recruit, develop, and/or retain high-quality CTWE teachers.
Tools: any rubrics, instruments, frameworks, techniques, etc. that are used in developing high-quality CTWE teachers.
Strategies: policies, procedures, actions, plans, etc. that can be implemented to help or assist in achieving high-quality CTWE teachers.
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Additional Information:

The initial meeting of the advisory committee for the project was held in Washington, . Click here to view a full list of advisory committee members.